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What a writer can learn from a disappointing read

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I love my e-reader! It weighs less than a pound and holds 100s of books. For Christmas, I get gift cards from 3 of the guys I support (administratively, that is, at the office). Plus, there are lots of free … Continue reading

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Sometimes I wish I was A mayfly… To live a lifetime In just One Day. Be born Live Love And die. A mayfly needs No school No work No stuff It merely Sees Breathes Flies Eats Loves Lives And dies. … Continue reading

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7 Things Every Writer Must Know to Thrive and Survive

I enjoy Twitter – I get exposed to some helpful information, inspirational quotes and links to great websites and blogs. Cathy Ostapchuk tweeted about this post by Kurt Bubna. It was a “word in due season” for me, so I … Continue reading

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Nowhere near the finish line

I was postponing this shameful moment, having to confess that I was not even close to 50K words on my novel in November (for nanowrimo). About halfway through, I read an encouraging note that suggested writers set their own goals … Continue reading

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Inspired by Poodle Springs (written by Raymond Chandler & Robert B. Parker)

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  LEVERAGE When the official statement was issued, our eyes met quickly, surprised. Then, Jenna got up and started working her way around the room with her camera. I sat still, a calm island in a sea-swell of press, my … Continue reading

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More than Halfway Through November

Help! I’m drowning… well, not really. But I am feeling kind of schizophrenic – as a writer, that is. On impulse, I signed up for the write-a-novel-in-the-month-of-November challenge without planning to. I had no delightful ideas of what to write, … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo Week One Update

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One of the reasons I signed up for this challenge was to test myself. Life is busy and hectic for me right now, and I’m doing this as a way of stretching my boundaries. To see what I can do … Continue reading

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First Line Writing Contest: She blew in a day early

She blew in a day early. No big surprise; it was typical Trish. You’d think I would have learned by now – with Trish it paid to expect the unexpected. The problem was that there were usually two or three … Continue reading

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Halloween (Themed Writing Contest)

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They come forward, silence echoing the flare of torches lit one by one. Chill air cloaked in darkness stirs a taste for the burn of whiskey that would end the night. Children cling to their mothers’ skirts, fearful yet excited … Continue reading

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Three Way Split

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These days, I’m torn between reading, writing, and reading about writing. It’s all too much! Too much good stuff to absorb, to learn, to try. I could just throw up my hands and say “what’s the use?” But instead, I … Continue reading

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