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No pain, no gain

‘Mm, this feels soooo good,’ her muscles relaxed beneath the spray of soothing hot water. Anna was pleased that she felt less pain this week than last – she was making progress! After eight weeks, she should be. “Oh, sssss, … Continue reading

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Challenges – a story of bygone days

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Discreetly, Pierre pulled a linen handkerchief from his vest pocket. The vaporous morning mist obscured this movement which, Pierre knew, would infuriate his master. Mon Dieu, why did the man keep getting himself into these situations? Were there not enough … Continue reading


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A Christmas story – of sorts

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“Helen, please try. Christmas is the perfect time to make things right.” She loved her husband but the idea of spending Christmas with her in-laws made her sick to her stomach. How could she share an amiable holiday meal with … Continue reading

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Themed Writing Contest: WISH

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Sipping air into bursting lungs, Lea sucked in her tummy and tugged at the zipper as she strained to pull it up. ‘It’s no use. There’s no way I can do these up!’ she thought. In the mirror, her midriff … Continue reading

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