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Stories and articles written for writing contests

Summer Job

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I could look out any window of our offices on the 23rd floor of the Toronto Star building and get a bird’s eye view of the city. From the panoramic sweep along the eastern lakeshore, with its string of warehouses … Continue reading

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Funeral (Themed Writing Contest Week 23)

She said she had to find out, and I agreed to help her. I was one of the guys who had loved her and left her. But when she could have told my secret and ruined me, she didn’t. And … Continue reading

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Halloween (Themed Writing Contest)

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They come forward, silence echoing the flare of torches lit one by one. Chill air cloaked in darkness stirs a taste for the burn of whiskey that would end the night. Children cling to their mothers’ skirts, fearful yet excited … Continue reading

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Themed Writing Contest: WISH

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Sipping air into bursting lungs, Lea sucked in her tummy and tugged at the zipper as she strained to pull it up. ‘It’s no use. There’s no way I can do these up!’ she thought. In the mirror, her midriff … Continue reading

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Death Crawl (Themed Writing Contest: Suspense)

This gallery contains 1 photo. Urged by slivers of morning light, Coach Taylor slipped out of bed, careful not to disturb Brook. He crept out the back door and headed for the birch grove. He felt a moment’s peace as sunshine warmed his face. … Continue reading

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Themed Writing Contest: My Nightmare

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On Monday morning, there was an assembly and the principal, Mr. Edders, told us that Louise Anderson was missing. He introduced Detectives Mercer and Allerton, who said they wanted to talk to the kids in Louise’s homeroom, her friends, and … Continue reading

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