Three Way Split

3 way splitThese days, I’m torn between reading, writing, and reading about writing. It’s all too much! Too much good stuff to absorb, to learn, to try. I could just throw up my hands and say “what’s the use?” But instead, I persevere – trying to not to dwell too myopically on what lies behind, while I press on to what lies ahead (Apostle Paul is my inspiration).

As a way of sharing some gems I pick up along the way, here’s a great blog with some excellent books about writing – to read for inspiration as well as information. Read April Yamasaki’s blog at

I humbly add a book I’m still working my way through “On Writing Well” by William Zinsser.

I continue to work on this craft and will post my weekly story on the theme “Wish” after the contest ends tonight.

Writing is like love: the more you do it, the better you become at it.

Write on, my fellow scribes. And God bless all you precious readers who help make it such a joyous experience!


About verawrites

Progress not perfection - that's my goal. Live and learn - that's my motto. I like to share bits of wisdom and glimmers of insight gleaned on my life journey of 50+ years. My hope is to encourage, perhaps inspire, fellow journeyers. Each of us has something to share. Let's be generous, gracious and compassionate with one another. I am blessed to be a blessing... so are you!
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3 Responses to Three Way Split

  1. bethbyrnes says:

    Thank you Vera. This is a delightful post.


  2. Thanks for mentioning my blog post, and it’s a pleasure to meet you! I especially like your “about” paragraph, and wish you well on your journey.


    • verawrites says:

      I was thrilled to discover you via JD Blom’s blog. A divine appointment? I’m still finding my way. All I know is this writing thing is a God-given gift and my heart’s desire is to use it in ways that He approves and can use. It’s my 5 loaves and 2 fish. Blessings to you in your journey as well April.


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