More than Halfway Through November

Help! I’m drowning… well, not really. But I am feeling kind of schizophrenic – as a writer, that is. On impulse, I signed up for the write-a-novel-in-the-month-of-November challenge without planning to. I had no delightful ideas of what to write, no burning desire to even write a novel. That was so 20 years ago. And yet… something moved me to try.

The only idea I had was to fictionalize some of my own life experiences, focusing in on my two-year marriage to a very troubled man. I begin the story just after my marriage has ended and I begin seeing a therapist to help me come to terms with everything so I can get on with my life. During the session, I look back over my life; the marriage and what led up to it, as well as some aspects of my childhood and early family life. My intent is to weave those threads together into a tapestry of me, my life, now.

I am still chipping away at writing this story, working title “The First Half” though it’s doubtful I’ll have 50,000 written by November 30th. My biggest challenge is the lack of that magical combination of creativity+time. My only free time is in the evening and I’m usually tired from 10.5 hours of commuting and working my office job. As a distraction, I’m doing a wee bit of other types of writing – the weekly Themed Writing Contest on LinkedIn. My blog posts. And copywriting at work, for a charitable ministry and for other people.

I visit Twitter throughout the day, just for a mental break. I like its short tweets that often contain links to longer articles, blog posts and websites. I ended up on this one the other day, and wanted to share with my fellow bloggers and writers. James Clear has some great information on nutrition, brain health, lifestyle and self improvement activities, and more. Check him out!

OK back to work…


About verawrites

Progress not perfection - that's my goal. Live and learn - that's my motto. I like to share bits of wisdom and glimmers of insight gleaned on my life journey of 50+ years. My hope is to encourage, perhaps inspire, fellow journeyers. Each of us has something to share. Let's be generous, gracious and compassionate with one another. I am blessed to be a blessing... so are you!
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2 Responses to More than Halfway Through November

  1. bethbyrnes says:

    I really understand these time conflicts. I have them myself as I try to juggle all my commitments each day. When we had no internet, it seems we had far more time. I also like to squeeze in some reading but that is hard to do. And then add in all these pesky household chores. That said, I think a slightly fictionalized semi-autobiographical treatment of real life is the way to go with a novel. Good luck with all this Vera!


    • verawrites says:

      Thanks Beth! You’re one of my heroes for time management and creative productivity. A post per day plus your work plus family stuff. Wow! The key is to do these things with joy and not obligation so we don’t burn ourselves out…


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