Settling In

Moving is stressful. Anyone who has done it knows that. Our recent office move was particularly stressful for two reasons: we were going from more space per person to less, and we were blending three offices, with diverse cultures, into one.

Before the Move

The biggest challenge for my business group was having to deal with 48 drawers stuffed with document-filled folders, binders, CDs and hard copies of closing books, back issues of reports and sundry items accumulated over decades. Naturally, it fell to me to sort through it all. The Shred pile, the Throw Out pile and the Keep file (in descending order by size) took me the better part of two months to subjugate.

Even with more than three months to prepare, there was a scramble to get things done in the last two weeks. Our last day, Friday, was a half day. At that point, the phones would switch off, the computers be disconnected and everyone would get out so the movers could start moving. I was scrambling to arrange my stuff into the 3 bins we were each allowed for our personal work space – and I forgot to empty one of my desk drawers! Thankfully, a former colleague packed up my files and sent them over.

After the Move

The first week was pandemonium. Unpacking our bins, arranging our offices and work stations, putting away files. Setting up my work was unsettling – I didn’t know where to put what. (I’m still not sure I have things where I really want them). And trying to get any real work done with people scurrying about? Practically impossible. It took me 2 hours to find a heavy-duty stapler.

We are now midway through our second week in our new offices, I’m feeling a little more relaxed. My SVP is on vacation this week – so are several other folks who opted to indulge post-move freedom while taking advantage of the coming long weekend here in Canada (first Monday in August).

The New Normal

I have compared notes about our new office space with several colleagues – each of us sharing what we like and love, what we dislike and hate. Here are the highlights:


  • Everything is new and clean
  • 3 separate office locations pooled in 1 – will make working together easier and more efficient
  • Wifi and video conferencing capability in all of our meeting rooms
  • Starbucks coffee machines – grind the beans and brew a fresh cup each time


  • Lots of natural light – most work spaces have proximity to it (gets hot in the offices)
  • 4 print rooms with a colour and B&W printer/copier in each
  • Phone system is VoIP (voice over internet protocol) – lots of features, including an email of voicemail messages
  • Comfy chairs – ergonomical and adjustable, with a mesh back for cool comfort
  • 2 large kitchen/lunch rooms with 6 microwaves – nice new toasters and kettles, too
  • Filtered water on tap
  • White noise over the office speaker system – it’s not as disruptive (the open concept) as I feared it would be


  • Can’t have plants (despite lots of natural light) for fear of insects
  • No garbage bins in offices and work stations – each person is supposed to take his/her garbage to the large receptacles in the lunch rooms (for waste, recycling and organics)
  • Hooks in the bathroom are useless – wedged into the tiny strip between the stall door and the wall – nobody’s winter coat will fit, and the stall doors are high so you can’t throw it over
  • Impossible to have a good-paced walk – too many people, intersections and cars


  • Computers are very slow – lots of freezing and slow downloading of files
  • Can get noisy if neighbours have someone chatting in their cubicle
  • Too much white and not enough colour
  • The finish on the work station surfaces scuffs and gets dirty easily and quickly
  • Some furniture is still missing – proper meeting room chairs and lunch room tables
  • Sinks are shallow so you splash everywhere when you rinse/wash dishes
  • All the restaurants and food courts in the area are expensive
  • It’s confusing trying to figure out who sits where – everything looks the same
  • There are 4 security doors (you need to have your pass at all times) and each one is different – 2 are push, 2 are pull; and all four are heavy

I did not include commuting tine and routing as this is split – for some (including me), it means a longer commute, but for many others, it’s quicker.

There you have it – an overview of our new downtown office digs. Some pluses, some minuses, to working here, but it is reality and I know I will get used to it.

Here are some photos to give you a sense of the unique architecture of the building. Drop in sometime…


About verawrites

Progress not perfection - that's my goal. Live and learn - that's my motto. I like to share bits of wisdom and glimmers of insight gleaned on my life journey of 50+ years. My hope is to encourage, perhaps inspire, fellow journeyers. Each of us has something to share. Let's be generous, gracious and compassionate with one another. I am blessed to be a blessing... so are you!
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4 Responses to Settling In

  1. bethbyrnes says:

    Gosh, Vera, it looks so beautiful! And, of course, you are so fortunate to have a good job that you can do competently and makes you feel useful.

    The rest, I definitely relate to. I have moved offices I have worked in (no matter what our title, women end up doing the nitty gritty, and usually the planning.) I was the one who had to scout locations, negotiate the terms, sign and file the paperwork, pack up the current space and plan out the new space, hire the movers, and finalise the move.

    Now, I work from home (or wherever my laptop is) and I don’t have to do these things for work any more.

    That said, I do love the newness of it, the fact that one gets rid of a lot of garbage. In one move, we discovered there were cockroaches in the kitchen at night and they cleverly hid during the day. Yech.

    Net-net, I love your new space. Congrats!!!


    • verawrites says:

      It’s nothing special from the outside but the atrium style inside is dramatic. Lots of natural light. Sadly, we can’t have plants anymore because of insect problems. I’m settling in and not hating it as much as I thought I might 😉 My area is fairly quiet, and it’s nice that everything is clean and new. It does leave one’s spirit feeling lighter after purging and streamlining. Can’t wait to do it at home after the the post-flood restoration (hopefully early September). Wish I could work from home but it’s not an option in my role 😦 Still and all, life is good!


      • bethbyrnes says:

        The most important thing is you are healthy. Everything we put up with pales in comparison to being ill. And, of course, we are able to gain strength from our faith. We are lucky, Vera! I can’t wait to hear how things develop in the new space.


      • verawrites says:

        Absolutely true – all of it! I have friends with nicer homes, more money, and are retired – but one has many health problems, the other has family problems. I’m very blessed ☺


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