Book review: The Prophet by Michael Koryta

From author website

From author website

I have no interest in football; I don’t understand the game. Seeing athletic young men with shapely behinds is a perk, but  only holds my attention for a minute or two.

You can imagine my surprise, then, to find myself devouring descriptions of various plays and strategies carried out by Coach Kent Austin and his high school football team. These are deftly woven into the escalating story of a family torn apart by tragedy and the shape of their lives in the years after it.

Adam Austin, once the star player on the very team his brother now coaches, is the other main character . The death of their sister Marie twists Adam into the hard-bitten bail bondsman that he has become – and alienates him from his brother Kent, who has chosen a different path toward redemption.

Interestingly, each man regularly interacts with criminals – for very different reasons and in very different ways. This crucial fact plays into the horrific new crime that affects not only the brothers, but their loved ones, the football team – and their whole town.

Torments of conscience, the interplay of faith and doubt, love lost and found, and the rocky road to a resolution both predictable and surprising.

An engaging story… an exciting read.

The interview at the end of the book – by Dean Koontz, of the author, Michael Koryta – is worth the price of the book. Read it before the movie*

Check it out here

* No movie in the works as far as I know (but there should be). When I read John Grisham’s book “The Firm” I heard the main character’s words spoken by Tom Cruise – years before the movie came out. Maybe I’m being prophetic?


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