The Heat – The Movie

I got hooked on movies in second year university. I took a night course and, twice a week, I had 3 hours free in the afternoon. I used to walk to the big shopping centre near campus and soak up matinees of escapist fare at the multi-plex. Theatres were virtually empty in the afternoons; popcorn was cheap and tasty; and it sure beat sitting in the library studying.

Nowadays, movies are expensive – popcorn and a drink cost more than the price of admission. And movie theaters are more like arcades;  lots of noise and colour. Overstimulating but unsatisfying.

That said, I confess I went to see the movie “The Heat” the other day. I had a prepaid coupon to use up and the office closed early (it’s a long weekend here). I like Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy – and Henry Winkler tweeted back in June how funny the movie was – so, of course, I wanted to see it.

I did not see any trailers, like those that called it “Bridesmaids” meets “Miss Congeniality” so I did not have any preconceptions. And I really enjoy ‘buddy’ films and shows. My fave TV cop show is “Rizolli & Isles”, about a Boston police detective and the Coroner, who become friends in the course of doing their jobs. Two great actresses do amazing things with two-dimensional characters (note: I have not read any of the R&I novels by Tess Gerritsen yet). Another fave show is the mystery dramedy “Psych” that features two 30-something friends-since-grade-school guys running a fake psychic detective agency in Santa Barbara. It sounds kind of goofy and a lot of the time it is. But it’s quite funny and the chemistry between the two leads draws you in, with a quality supporting cast making it even better. It’s reasonably wholesome entertainment – and good escapist fare.

The movie “The Heat” has the two female leads – an uptight FBI agent and a loose cannon Boston cop – unexpectedly brought together on a case. The requisite antipathy at their first meeting leads to hilarious head-butting, then onto the tensions of a slowly-burgeoning mutual respect. Gradually, the relationship goes friendly and they bond. I won’t give away any of the plot; it’s fairly standard cop fare ,but there are a couple of unexpected scenes and twists. Jane Curtin is underused as Melissa’s mother and the matriarch of the dysfunctional trash-talking Irish clan. Michael Rappaport is just slightly unbelievable in his role as Melissa’s brother. But Tom Wilson is great as the captain (I love the scene where Melissa belittles, um, a certain pair of his anatomical appendages during a squad room meeting).

I was rather uncomfortable with the amount of profanity (most of it spewed by Melissa’s character) though it’s understandable and, by today’s cinematic standards, pretty routine. Sandra’s character was a little too tightly wound but she loosens up nicely – and I’m happy to report there is one scene in which she looks really hot (otherwise, why work out and get so toned?).

The bottom line: The Heat is a thoroughly enjoyable summertime movie. Women will love it. Men will like it more than they expect to. Go ahead and watch it; I think you’ll be glad you did.

Here’s a teaser…


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