The Power of Words Never Diminishes

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Watch this You Tube clip by purplecontent. Copy and paste this link:

For those of you who are leery of opening uncertain links, I will describe the video.

Music is playing. An elderly man sits on the ground – at the base of wide steps leading up to a courthouse – in a large open public square. In front of him is propped a cardboard sign and next to it, an empty soup can.

The camera watches him for awhile, then focuses on other people – 3 young girls together, two women talking and laughing, a woman smoking, a couple walking by. Now and then, someone throws down a coin or two. The man gropes around trying to pick them up.

The camera pulls back and zooms in on his sign: “I’m blind. Please help.”

A young woman wearing sunglasses strides briskly past the man. She stops, pauses, then walks back. For a moment, she stands looking down at him. He senses her presence and reaches out, touching her shoes. She squats down, picks up the cardboard sign, flips it over and writes something. Then walks away.

Music continues to play. More people walk by. This time, almost everyone stoops and tosses down not one coin but several. They walk away, smiling, as the man scrambles to pick up the coins and put them in his can.

Minutes later, the same woman returns and stands in front of the man. He feels her shoes, then looks up and asks “What did you do to my sign?” She crouches down and replies, “I wrote the same but different words”. He responds with “Thanks love” as she gets up and walks away.

The camera pans out and you see the sign: “It’s a beautiful day but I can’t see it.”

Perspective – change how you look at what’s in front of you.

NOTE: While this post is not specifically about writing or marketing, it speaks to the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ of our efforts and output. I re-watched the You Tube clip recently, while preparing a women’s study at church – it moved me to tears. So many women I know (myself included) hamper our best selves by our own insecurities. Bless and be blessed, fellow writers!


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